Create a password encrypted ColdCard wallet

Posted on Tue 21 March 2023 in misc • Tagged with coldcard, electrum, bitcoin

I use Electrum as my primary Bitcoin wallet (with my own full node of course) and I have a ColdCard wallet to go along with it which I use in airgapped mode. The only thing I dislike is that the wallet is unencrypted and can only be encrypted and decrypted …

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BTCStick Howto

Posted on Tue 26 November 2019 in misc • Tagged with usb, uefi, legacy bios, bitcoin


This manual describes the content and usage of the “BTCStick” USB pen drive. This is a bootable USB disk image that contains various bitcoin related tools to use offline. The system was developed for the author’s personal use case to safely run such tools. The stick was inspired …

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